New Podcast on ‘Workbenches’ at Woodworkers Resource - Popular Woodworking Magazine

New Podcast on ‘Workbenches’ at Woodworkers Resource

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If you aren’t yet completely saturated with information on workbenches, then get comfortable and read on. Craig Stevens at the Woodworkers Resource has just released an hour-long interview of me about my book, my work at the magazine and the craft in general. The interview is in mp3 format (it’s about 55mb) and can be streamed from most internet browsers. You can even save it to your hard drive and load it on an iPod. You can read more about the interview and start streaming it here , but be sure to check out the rest of the excellent site, which includes video, Craig’s blog, a newsletter and an eBook of strategies for teaching woodworking to kids. Craig conducted the interview on Jan. 13 while I was in my shop working some frustrating bookcases made from sub-standard plywood (that long national nightmare is almost at an end, by the way). During our chat we discussed: – How I got interested (read: freakishly obsessed) with the topic of workbenches. – What a typical workday is like at Popular Woodworking and Woodworking Magazine. – My favorite workbench (which doesn’t exist as of yet). – The types of furniture and projects I build at home. – A little bit about the future of my Lost Art Press web site. Craig did a great job with the interview and kept it casual yet highly focused (I have a tendency to blather; just ask my kids). So thanks to Craig and I hope you like the interview. – Christopher Schwarz

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  • Michael Pendleton

    Seriously: dealing with lousy plywood, what are you doing? And "long national nightmare" implies not only that my suffering is not alone, but also there is some reason behind it. A reason that we are now dying to know about…

  • Neil Lamens

    Chris………enjoyed the interview and as I told Craig, there was more to the interview than just benches. very informative.

    On one of the questions Craig asked, had to do with what style furniture peaks your interest and you responded along with other styles, "Contemporary"….I wonder if you might build on that a bit. Is it contemporary in style, in use of materials, pushing new technologies. I along with others would enjoy getting a better understanding of where you are exploring "contemporary".


  • Mattias in Durham, NC

    So what is it? I can’t take the suspense. Dynamite? Termites? Paint?

  • Christopher Schwarz


    This is the end of the story about cheap plywood. I just need to take some photos. Bottom line: I figured out how to deal with terrible plywood (and it doesn’t involve a bonfire).


  • Greg Jones

    Disregard the above comment, the link now works!

  • Greg Jones

    Chris, I get an error when clicking on the link to the podcast.

  • Chris Somers

    "[…]sub-standard plywood (that long national nightmare is almost at an end, by the way)."

    OK, you can’t put a teaser like that, w/o at least hinting as to when you’ll drop the "rest of the story." 🙂


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