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Lumber Sale in Cincinnati Aug. 16-17. Be There


Note: I cross-posted this entry from my blog at Lost Art Press at the request of madame editor.

Midwest Woodworking – my favorite source for lumber – is selling off its stock of more than 300,000 board feet of premium hardwoods and softwoods. Wide mahogany. Clear sugar pine. Teak. Chestnut. Red gum. A near-endless cache of veneer.

Most of this lumber is more than 30 years old and has been stored flat in the Midwest warehouse. It is – without exception – the most stable stuff you will ever work.

And the prices are well below what you will pay elsewhere (if you could even find wood of this quality). The price list can be found here on Andy Brownell’s blog.

The sale is 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Aug. 16-17 at Midwest Woodworking, 4019 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati. Here’s a Google map.

I will be emptying my savings account for this sale. I am not a wood hoarder – never have been – but once this stuff is gone, it is gone for good.

If you haven’t heard of Midwest, you can read all about it in the following posts. If these stories don’t inflame your wood/equipment/shop lust, you are probably ready for a hobby in miniature golf.

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Bring a truck and your checkbook (or a wad of cash). Midwest doesn’t take credit/debit cards.

— Christopher Schwarz


11 thoughts on “Lumber Sale in Cincinnati Aug. 16-17. Be There

  1. Cosmo

    Went first to the scrap and cutoffs area. Among a bunch of other great pieces I got a 5/4×10″x6′ piece of mahogany for 2.50 bf. Wow

  2. gumpbelly

    For people who are fairly local, and could visit this sale, is there actually a clickable link where prices can actually be seen. Andy and yourself allude to one, but I am not seeing it.

    1. gumpbelly

      Checking further on Andy`s site it says to “click here” sometimes there is a link, sometimes not, when you do click it, it takes you to a blog of yours. Trying to send Andy a message I get a pop up saying “Error: invalid verification code” there isn`t a box, or prompt for validation code entry.

      Price list would be nice.

        1. gumpbelly

          Thanks Chris

          The one you just posted worked, still unable to make the others work though. When it left a clickable link, it was just back to a post of yours.

  3. pmac

    I case you’re wondering why I asked th eabove, I had read MEGAN’S post of the 18th and she said: “Midwest Woodworking in Cincinnati, Ohio, will be closing its doors for business. Only recently has the owner, Frank David, been open to selling off what some might consider the undiscovered country of lumber caches.” Sounds like it’s closing for good right?

    I went to Andy’s website and the letter he has posted from Frank sounds like it is a closed door private sale. Specifically:

    “Welcome to the first Midwest Woodworking lumber, veneer and machinery sale scheduled on August 16-17, 2013 from 9am-2pm”. the letter ends: “Thank you for considering and participating in our first ever Lumber, Veneer and Machinery Sale. Happy Shopping !!!!”

    Sounds like an event that might happen again. Right?

    So Megan’s post says closing doors for business and the letter from Frank that Andy posted reads like it is a closed door sale.

  4. pmac

    Hi Chris,
    Do you know if they are willingly closing their doors (i.e. retirement) or must close doors (the economy)? Hope it’s the former.

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