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I Judge Your Grammar to be…

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… pitiable, wanting, shoddy and shabby. Well I guess she got the job.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. Paybacks stink. And thanks to Kari Hultman for the excellent pixel massage.

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  • Don Williams

    Photo posted on my office wall right now in anticipation of her visit later today.

  • Eric R

    Now I have a picture of Kari in her Steam Punk outfit & Megan in her robes for my shop !
    Awesome, Thanks !

  • gdblake

    On first glance I thought this was a picture of Elton John.

  • Justin Derx

    Lets see a great article on the wood work inside.

  • Ron

    Too funny! Very well done!


  • John Cashman

    If Megan is a Whig, who leads the Know-Nothings?

  • Chester Field

    Hail Megan, head of the Whig Party!!

  • Bob Lang

    Methinks it may be a propitious time for a life-size print to be made.

  • aaron

    congratulations. what a prestigious gig!

  • megan

    At least that would have kept me warm last night. My luggage (with my slippers a, the trim router and saw inside) still isn’t here, and the power/heat was out until 1:30 a.m. Brrr.

  • Chuck Nickerson

    The outfit looks dangerously close to one of Adam’s. Perhaps she’s just moving to the darker side.

  • Rob Young

    Yeah, I think maybe using an illustration from a Judge Dredd comic or funnier yet, a still from the movie. Then she/Sly can judge both your grammar and diction.

  • The Village Carpenter

    You were right, Chris. Megan does look rather fetching in a fluffy wig.

  • Andrew Yang

    I think Megan’s still ahead on this…

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