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How to Close the Throat of a Lie-Nielsen Router Plane

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Last week I compared the Lie-Nielsen and Veritas small router planes and concluded that I really would like a Lie-Nielsen with a closed throat.

So, of course, a reader showed me how it can be done.

Tony Sutton closed the throat on his Lie-Nielsen router plane using some UniBond 5-minute epoxy. Sutton built up some dams on the router plane using modeling clay and then filled them in with the mixed adhesive.

After the resin cured for an hour he trimmed it with a carving chisel. Then he waited 24 hours and sanded the sole flat. Finally, he painted the epoxy black (nice touch) with his daughter’s acrylic paint.

And it works! Thanks Tony.

Next week: Knitting a cozy for your router plane.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Ric

    Having found it MUCH cheaper to cast parts than to buy the OEM part (and modifiy them to work better) in a past life, I found that you can get aluminum powder from your local fiberglass supplier. It vastly increases the epoxy’s wear resistance (and will give it more of a metalic look).

    Ric :{)

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