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Great Progress at White Water Shaker Village

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Since we first visited in May 2009, the staff of the magazine has witnessed some amazing progress in the restoration of the Meeting House at the White Water Shaker Village, which is west of our offices in Cincinnati.

As many of you know, we are trying to help a bit here, as well. We’ve completed reproductions of three furniture projects from the White Water collection, which we have donated to the nonprofit organization that is restoring the village.

And if all goes as planned, we hope to offer attendees at our Woodworking in America conference (Oct. 1-3 here in Cincinnati) a special chance to tour this untouched gem. The village is still in its rural setting and is not yet open to the public. Stay tuned here for more details as they develop.

The volunteers are at the last stages at restoring the wainscotting in the ground floor of the Meeting House, which mostly had been ripped out by previous inhabitants. Even more exciting is the installation of one of the first reproduction windows on the north side of the building.

These custom windows use custom tooling to replicate the delicate mullions and muntins. The glass will be salvaged from rotten sash and then the sills will be incorporated into the interior woodwork. After that, the volunteers will turn their attention to the truss system in the attic.

As one of the volunteers put it, the Meeting House is “transforming into a meeting room that the Shakers would know.”

We’re excited about being involved with the White Water Village and hope that you get the opportunity to see first-hand what a wonderful place it is becoming. For more information on the village or to join the organization (it takes just a small, tax-deductible donation), visit

– Christopher Schwarz

Photos courtesy of Joe Grittani

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  • David Wilkes

    I love the upside down hand… cracked me up.

  • Tim

    Is that a walnut window frame and jamb? Man, you guys in Cincy really do have it made in the shade…

  • Hank Knight


    I was in Central Kentucky during the 60s and early 70s and was privileged to follow much of the restoration of Pleasant Hill. As you and others who have visited there know, Pleasant Hill is a gem. I wish for White Water the same success Pleasant Hill has enjoyed and commend you and your staff for your support and participation in the restoration there.

    Hank Knight

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