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Good News Everyone. A Better Blog Search

After five years of whining, someone listened to (or became merely weary of) my complaints about the search function on this blog.

We now have a custom Google search bar at the bottom of every blog post (look below the comments. Little lower. That’s right. No. Still lower). I think you will find this searching tool to be far superior to the Dixie cup, string and monkey that we used before. You can now use all the typical boolean and Google search functions. Such as:

– Using quotes to find a specific phrase. By putting “Schwarz lying in a puddle of his own sick” you will find posts with that exact phrase instead of all the posts that have “puddle” in them or “sick.”

– You also can exclude words by including the minus sign before them: Schwarz -beer will bring back all the posts where I don’t mention beer.

There are lots of other ways to tweak the search. This Google page explains it all.

Thanks to our online staff who made this happen.

– Christopher Schwarz

7 thoughts on “Good News Everyone. A Better Blog Search

  1. Mattias in Durham, NC

    Awesome! Please pass on our thanks.

    Maybe in a couple of decades we’ll get an improved captcha that does not have to be re-typed after viewing the page for long enough that you can type in your comment.

  2. Steve

    Hmmm. When I used "Schwarz lying in a puddle of his own sick" as a search term here, I got exactly one hit, as expected. But then I tried the same search on the Internet as a whole, and got 1.9 million hits.

    And the photos look genuine, too. Who would have guessed that you had a birthmark there?

  3. Doug F.

    BIG improvement. IT = information at the speed of light. IT Department = Assistance provided at half glacier speed.

  4. Nick Laeder

    But still no link for older posts? Sometimes, I’m bored at work and not looking for a specific piece of info, and just want to browse through the goodness that is here.

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