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Gird Your Gut; Expand Your Mind

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With Woodworking in America in our backyard this fall, we are going all out to show the attendees a good time in the greater Cincinnati area.

So we’ve planned several extracurricular activities for the attendees. All of the events below have a limited number of seats available and will be first-come, first-served (except the pub crawl). There will be a small added expense (except for the pub crawl) to cover transportation or food. We’re not doing these to make money — we’re doing them because, uh, we really want to do these things during Woodworking in America and thought you might, too.

In the coming weeks I’ll discuss some other fun events at the conference, such as the return of the Handtool Olympics, programs for spouses, and our own personal guide to the restaurants and hotels around the Northern Kentucky Convention Center and downtown Cincinnati.

For more details on the Oct. 1-3 conference, visit Registration opens in May.

‘Toolmakers’ Dinner’ at the Popular Woodworking Magazine shop
When: The Thursday evening before Woodworking in America
Where: Our offices and workshop in suburban Cincinnati
Details: A lot of toolmakers will be unveiling new products at this conference, so we thought it would be a fun evening to invite all the toolmakers to a dinner at our headquarters plus as many attendees as we can fit. We’ll provide dinner that will give you a taste of local food (LaRosa’s pizza, Skyline chili, Graeter’s ice cream), plus a few local malted beverages for you to try. You’ll get to tour the shop, see the newest tools before everyone else and get to chat up the toolmakers.

‘The Feast of Andre Roubo’ with Roy Underhill and Don Williams
When: Saturday evening
Where: A restaurant near the conference
Details: Don Williams and a team of scholars are in the middle of an historic task: translating A.J. Roubo’s 18th-century masterwork “L’Art du Menuisier.” Williams will present , for the first time in public , some of the very cool things he’s learned about early workshop practice during this project. (And if you saw Williams at the conference last year, you know he’s an amazing speaker.) Also, Roy Underhill , who reads Roubo in the original French , will share some of the fascinating details he has unearthed about the man. We’re looking to have this at a nearby restaurant and it will be a la carte. So you’ll just pay for what you eat and drink.

‘Covington Pub Crawl’ with the Popular Woodworking Magazine Editors
When: Friday evening (after the keynote dinner)
Where: Covington’s Main Strasse
Details: Find out just how well Megan Fitzpatrick holds her liquor (here’s a tip: she’s tipsy when she starts using big words in a Southern accent). Our editors lead you on a trip down Covington’s Main Strasse, a nicely restored 19th-century street just a couple block from the conference. Chat woodworking as you sample beers from some of our favorite German beer gardens and the Cock & Bull English pub (which has the best fish and chips in town). There’s no formal program , just a casual evening with a bunch of fellow woodworkers. This will be a free event. You pay for what you drink.

‘White Water Shaker Village’ , a Personalized Tour
When: Sunday morning
Where: White Water Shaker Village (bus transportation provided)
During the last year, Popular Woodworking Magazine has become involved with the restoration efforts at the White Water Shaker Village, a beautiful group of original buildings still in their original setting. The village isn’t open to the public, but we have arranged to get you special access to the village with guides who are restoring the village’s Meeting House. Get a close look at Shaker craftsmanship , from the toolmarks to the cut nails. See some of the original furniture pieces in the collection, and get a privileged look at this amazingly untouched gem. We’ll probably only be able to take 80 to 100 people on this special trip. So be sure to register early for this one.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Joe Sainz

    Also, after meeting with you on Saturday, I believe you might cringe about all the errors in my previous post.

  • Joe Sainz

    Oh wow this seems like too generous invitation, and after meeting with you at Jeff Millers on sat, I believe it. I plan to attend all of these if possible.

  • Kevin Kilpatrick

    I agree with David. There are so many good options and extras it will be hard to fit it all in 3 days. I notice the White Water Shaker Village Tour is on Sunday morning, which conflicts with several classes, is there a possibility of having this tour at a later day, allowing all us diehards to spend more money and time with the exhibitors and in your fine town.

    Thanks Kevin

  • David Hite

    So open up the reservations already!

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