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Get a Dose of Unfiltered Wenzloff

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Before Mike Wenzloff became a professional sawmaker, he was a furniture maker. Before that he was in graphic design. Before that? An almost-minister. And before that? Fetus? Nope. Logger.

But through all those professions I have no doubt that Wenzloff has always been a  bit of a troublemaker. And when a professional journalist calls you a troublemaker, it is a high compliment.

So it is with particular pleasure that I announce to you that Wenzloff has launched a blog so he can spread his thoughts on saws, woodworking and who knows what else.

So please visit his blog. Leave a comment. Encourage him to write more. Wenzloff is one of those guys that once you get him started, you can just stand aside.

Visit the Sick Monkey Saw Works Blog here.

Read a profile I wrote of Wenzloff here.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • rico suave

    Jesus Christ, don’t encourage this, from his own web site, Wenzloff is so far behind on production orders he can’t take custom orders anymore. He can’t afford to be screwing around with a blog when he’s got real work to do!

  • Swanz

    I checked out the blog. No pictures!

  • Mike Craw

    I thought that was Uncle Fester… Ah, neve mind.

  • Peter Oster

    Dennis Weaver played Chester
    Ken Curtis played Festus

  • Mike Siemsen

    Festus was played by Dennis Weaver not Mike Wenzloff.

  • Charles Davis

    Thanks… added to my reader. I find it really interesting to hear toolmaker’s thoughts. If I may, I’d suggest people also check out John Economaki of Bridge City Tool Works blog as well. Say what you want about the premium prices (but not his blog), their engineering and manufacturing is top notch and his love for creativity and precision shows through in his writing. I think this post of his where he talk’s about the business side is an immensely insightful read:

    So Mike was a logger… how cool. Was he a swamp logger or perhaps an aqua-logger, or even a heli-logger? Was he a cutter or choker-setter? Did he run the feller-buncher or grapple-skidder? I think my questions are indicative of the fact that there are three reality shows on logging (Ax men, American Logger, Swamp Logging) and there is an audience which will watch all three.

    Oh, and the fetus in the chronology cracked me up!

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