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Free SketchUp Drawings of Woodworking Magazine Projects

Now you can download six free SketchUp drawings for projects published in Woodworking Magazine during the last four years.

These files work with Google’s free drafting program, SketchUp, and allow you to take the projects apart, see the joinery and view the projects at any angle. These files are great for understanding how a project goes together before you start building it.

These files were provided by draughtsman Louis Bois, who has been providing technical illustrations for Woodworking Magazine for the last couple issues. Louis does these drawings as a free service to the readers, so please join me in thanking him for his hard work.

The projects below are some our favorites:

Shaker Hanging Cabinet: This is the cover project from Issue No. 1. I’ve built this project about five times now for various family members and customers, and it is always well-received. (100.4 KB)

Shaker Side Table: This project from Issue 2 has enormous popularity. The delicate legs and fine proportions of the top make this project one of my favorites. (125.94 KB)

Sliding-lid Box: Also from Issue 2, this box is a great lesson in how to build drawer boxes (with one table-saw set-up) and makes a great home for your chisels. (31.44 KB)

Dining Room Tray: From Issue 5, this project is a great lesson in learning to use cut nails (and a tanning bed) to build a nice cherry project. (24.34 KB)

Enfield Cabinet: Also from Issue 6, this tall cabinet — it looks like a jelly cupboard I suppose — is an excellent lesson in vintage case construction techniques. (128.46 KB)

American Trestle Table: This cover project from Issue 6 has a special place in my heart because the prototype is my dining room table. Endless nights of homework have trashed the perfect film finish, but I like it even more now than they day I finished it. (75.25 KB)

All of these files are compressed in a .zip format. Double-clicking on them will unzip them.

– Christopher Schwarz

One thought on “Free SketchUp Drawings of Woodworking Magazine Projects

  1. Fred Harmon

    The google files are done with great care and I look forward to using both the cad software and building the trestle table.

    Very good.



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