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First Look: Popular Woodworking Magazine

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Lots of readers have asked what the new magazine will look like when it hits the newsstands in April 2010. Art director Linda Watts has been working hard on the design, and we have been tweaking our project selection.

We think you’ll be pleased.

Earlier I posted some thumbnails of some of the layouts, such as the one above, but now we’re ready to take the veil off our cover project for the next issue. Download the pdf below to take a gander.

– Christopher Schwarz

NEW_PWM.pdf (1.08 MB)

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  • Tim Hernly

    I’m confused. Based on the number of pages, layout and contents, it appears that "Popular Woodworking" is now just Woodworking magazine. More precisely, it’s now Woodworking magazine with an inconspicuous small-type "Popular" added to the cover. I had to look at it for five minutes before I realized what had happened. I’ve enjoyed reading Woodworking magazine too, but it’s drier and more artsy (less craftsy) than PW. Woodworking felt more like FWW and Wood magazines, I thought. PW has it’s own character, which is more friendly and accessible, more nuts and bolts, more "let’s try a crazy experiment gluing stacks of plywood together and bandsawing it into a chair and publish the results," more geared to the garage-shop guy than the artisan. I read them all, but I liked PW for what it was. So… my question is: What happened to the Magazine Formerly Called Popular Woodworking? Will it still be published? Under what name?

  • spoiled rotten soldier

    @ Michael Blake aka fuddy-duddy

    Maybe the reason you don’t find the pdf to be amuzing is because the coon dog is stuck up your rear. Remind me to never invite you to a party. You sir are a fun sponge.

  • Marc

    Finally! I have been searching high and low for an authentic Smokey Mountain Coon Dog plan. And my dream has finally come true. Just another in a long list of wishes granted by The Schwarz!

  • Joseph Sullivan

    Coon dog project looks like fun. I must say,m I thought the changeover was going to happen with the first issue this year, and when I got it in the mail last week, I sure couldn’t find many changes. Now the coon dog has set my mind at rest that when the actual change happens, you will be exceeding your former standards.


  • JJ Gray

    I just clicked the pdf. Fantastic.
    I work in advertising and so many clients are afraid to reveal a personality. I know you probably thought long and hard before posting that. I applaud you for doing it.

  • John Kuszewski

    Not good enough. It’s not Greene and Greene.

  • George Sarver

    Glad this was a joke, I thought Chris made to many trips and snorted to much sawdust!!

  • Nate Madoc

    hilarious, thanks

  • Ryan M

    This was a joke? Bummer.

    – Ronnie Milsap

  • Darn, I am going to have to cancel my subscription, that projects looks like it is beyound my skills. I might have to even purchase new tools to complete this too. Perhaps I will wait for an easier one to try.

  • mudtracks

    Just wait ’til Finewoodworking sees that new title font. They’re gonna be quaking in their boots

  • Brian

    Also, I should add, thanks for the plans Chris! I was actually going to be building my little girl one of these for her birthday, and now I have the plans to do it 🙂

  • Brian


    Lighten up Francis….

    Maybe it was an early April Fools Joke, seeing as the new subscription comes out in April?

  • david brown

    I just figured this meant you were putting cut-lists back in the magazine. =)

  • Michael Blake

    Okay, I’m an old fuddy-duddy. I just don’t see why you wasted your time and everyone else’s time with such a silly, pointless "joke". I appreciate good humor as much as anyone, but this was simply childish. Now that you’ve gratified yourself, what about actually doing what you said you were going to do in the first place… post the real PDF. There are probably other serious subscribers to both your exceptional magazines who are still a bit concerned about your plan to combine them. Sorry to be such a spoil sport, but…

    Michael Blake

  • Gregg Counts

    lol, that’s great. Can you put the plans in sketchup.

  • Bill

    How much does that differ for the special ozrak mountain daredevil coon dog, most likely the band in the background playing Missippi moon. Yea! oh and the ears are longer.

  • Capt Barnacle

    Chris, you triffle

  • Bryce

    How does that differ from the ozark mountain coon dog?

  • Mark Rine

    I guess we have the same sense of humor. No appologies necessary. I got the joke immediately.

  • John Griffin-Wiesner

    I assume this will be accompanied by a related article that is a comparison test of eye screws.

  • Mike N

    I’ve always maintained that the Smokey Mountain Coon Dog was an under appreciated form.

    Awesome! I was afraid you’d stop putting out these funny ones after the Andrew Lunn one was misinterpreted by a few.


  • Bruce Jackson

    Actually, I appreciate this humor. My wife works with special-needs kids, many in the low- and no-income bracket. This will be a nice project for me to contribute scrap off-cuts from the workbench project to be started within the next month. Naturally, bench, clamps, and coon-dogs will be made from SYP. The anticipation is fun. Plus I have grand-nephews and -nieces within or not-too-far out of the age range to appreciate this puppy. I have always suspected that the real reason to live is to enjoy the living.

  • Andy

    I appreciated this joke! But seriously, it would be fun to have a special issue of projects for kids + projects to do with kids.

  • Jon Spelbring

    Hi-larious, Chris.

    Think my wife will sign off on that new LN smoother I’ll need to build my very own wooden coon dog?

  • Christopher Schwarz

    It’s a joke. Sorry that my sense of humor is cracked. I stumbled on this project while researching an article for a reader.



  • David

    Am I the first to say Huh? Or is it supposed to be Ha Ha!

  • Mattias in Durham, NC

    Image looks great. Look forward to reading that article.

    But the pdf – huh? Smoky Mountain Coon Dog?

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