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East Coast Tool Auction this Saturday

Whenever I visit the East Coast, I am jealous of the region’s stock of vintage hand tools. The Midwest just cannot compete — even though Cincinnati and Indianapolis were important manufacturing centers of edge tools and saws.

So if you are anywhere near Rhode Island this Saturday, I recommend you check out the Bill Spicer Auction, which starts at 10 a.m. at the Masonic Hall, 1515 Ten Rod Road in North Kingstown, RI. Don’t come at 10 a.m. Come much earlier. That’s when the tailgating happens.

Look for about 12 tool sellers at the tailgate such as Sanford Moss, Gordon Conrad and Patrick Leach (and maybe “the boy!”). Prices for user stuff are generally very reasonable during the tailgate.

Need directions or more information? Contact Bill Spicer Auctions.

– Christopher Schwarz

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