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Download Free eDrawings of the Arts & Crafts Mirror

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You can now download a free 3D eDrawing of the cover project from Issue No 7 (the Spring 2007 issue) by following the link below. By using a free program from SolidWorks, you can examine the projects from every angle imaginable. You can take the projects apart, inspect the joinery, make certain parts transparent and then put it all back together.

It’s the closest thing to actually having the finished project in your shop to examine. (It is, in fact, even better than having the finished project because these eDrawings are easier to lift and turn upside down.)

All of our eDrawings are provided by intrepid draughtsman and good citizen Louis Bois, who has taken extra pains with these drawings to provide accurate detail that will be useful to you (take apart the inlay piece by piece if you don’t believe me).

You can open these files using a free program from SolidWorks that you can download for both Mac and Windows machines. You can find other eDrawings of our projects here on the blog our on our CD of the first seven issues of Woodworking Magazine.

, Christopher Schwarz (1.74 MB)

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  • Barry (JWP Inc.)

    Cool, just came across your blog. I decided to look for some woodworking blogs and yours was the first to come up in the search results.

    Added to my favs, thanks

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