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Corrections to the Enfield Shaker Cabinet

A couple quick corrections to the Enfield Shaker Cabinet (Spring 2006) that have come to light.

1. In the cutlist and illustration, the face frame’s rail should be 3″ wide, not 2-1/2″.

2. On the detail of the front leg, the height of the arc is 5″ as shown in the detail drawing on page 19. The 5-1/4″ dimension shown on page 21 is incorrect. Also, we built the version of the cabinet shown on the cover with a slightly different arc on the front leg. The illustration shows it terminating at a 2-1/2″-wide foot. We built it with a 1″-wide foot as shown above. Both work.

My apologies for the errors.

Christopher Schwarz

One thought on “Corrections to the Enfield Shaker Cabinet

  1. Jack Camillo

    boo on the errors. I just added a note to my list to build the enfield. hurrah that I just happened across this section of the blog. thanks for making it right. Do you think an email to subscribers would not be a bad idea when you catch errors? I’m a huge fan of the magazine, have learned something in every issue and always look forward to the next. thanks for sharing all your knowledge and experience.

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