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The venerable rasp-making company Auriou plans to reopen its factory in France this summer after being shuttered by a labor dispute, officials said. The closing of the company resulted in a purchasing frenzy of the rasps by woodworkers that continues to this day , one Auriou flat rasp sold for $600 on eBay today.

The new Auriou will be a smaller company that will focus on making tools for the woodworking and stone-working market, according to Mike Hancock of Classic Hand Tools in the United Kingdom. After the factory begins production, there are plans to begin exporting the rasps to the United States, Hancock wrote in an e-mail.

Hancock was part of a small group of investors that purchased the machinery and tooling from the Auriou factory when it was auctioned off. Michel Auriou, who ran the factory, will be the technical and workshop manager for the new company, according to Hancock.

In addition to the machinery and tooling, Hancock’s company also purchased a selection of finished rasps and rifflers during the auction that he will be selling beginning on Monday, Feb. 11. To get a list of the tools (mostly rifflers) send an e-mail to and ask for the “rasps & riffler list.”

– Christopher Schwarz

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