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If you make wooden chairs (I make a lot) you might be missing an important accessory: a sheepskin. During a recent trip to Wales to study the country’s chairs I noticed a sheepskin on one of the stick chairs. It was a forehead-slapping moment.

The sheepskin adds comfort and warmth to a wooden chair. It’s adjustable to suit the chair. The backing on the skin keeps it firmly planted on the seat. And, thanks to IKEA, they are affordable and easy to get.

IKEA sells sheepskins from Argentina – our IKEA had a 4’ tall pile of them. IKEA calls them Rens and they are $29.99. The skins offer about 3 square feet of sheep – about 28” x 16”. And they are comfortable. Our cats have claimed all of ours.

Unlike most IKEA products, this one requires no assembly. And if off-white isn’t your color, IKEA offers the Smidie – a dyed sheepskin – for the same price.

This is the last mention I’ll make of IKEA on the blog. I feel so dirty.

— Christopher Schwarz

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