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steam boxIn the recent Don Weber “Build a Welsh Stick Chair” class/video shoot, Don brought some pre-bent arms for us to use, simply to make things move along more quickly (filming a woodworking video is sometimes like filming a cooking show – some parts are prepped ahead of time). But he did bend a couple on camera, using a simple and inexpensive steam box setup, made with items you can easily find at the home center or hardware store.

Take a look at his steam box and listen along as he teaches us about steam bending and his bending jig, in this excerpt from the video.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

The full video, which shows you soup to nuts how to build this classic form, is available on DVD or as a video download (and it features a few guests – Christopher Schwarz, John Hoffman, Justin Leib, Narayan Nayar and me).

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