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Build a Folding Plant – Project Plan Spotlight

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Less than one sheet of plywood and a long afternoon are all you need to build a functional and foldable floral display.

When you have a lot of plants to display, you are always looking for ways to show them off to their best advantage. Or maybe you just want to cover that hole where a gopher dug under the house. Either way, this plant stand is a great way to make a few potted plants look like a huge display. And here’s a bonus feature: the whole thing folds up flat so you can hang it on a garage wall in the off-season.

You can make it using about three-quarters of a sheet of 3⁄4″ CDX plywood, which is essential for outdoor use. The term CDX refers to the quality of the two face veneers and the glue between the plys. So CDX has a “C” and a “D” side (“A” being the best grade) with the “X” referring to the exterior-grade glue. The plys themselves are the same as in any other pine plywood. The shelves are designed to hold 6″ pots, but with care, larger pots are also okay.

Outdoor Furniture – 8 Backyard Builds

Outdoor Furniture Digital Download
8 Backyard Builds

The eight builds in this collection of outdoor projects offer great suggestions for making the most of warmer weather – and finishing expert Bob Flexner tells you how best to keep your outdoor items looking their best.

In “All-weather Morris Chair,” David Thiel shows how you can add this Craftsman classic to your outdoor collection. Made with pine and finished with paint, you can make one of these adjustable Morris chairs in just a day. A “Folding Plant Stand” can be made with less than one sheet of plywood and sets up and breaks down in seconds. Christopher Schwarz combines form and function with an Arts & Crafts-style garden bench, with plenty of room inside for your hoses and garden tools.

In cold climes, it can be a long wait to begin planting. A “Seedling Shelter” – complete with a temperature-activated window opener – can help give your seedlings a jump on the season. “A Picnic of a Build” shows you a classic picnic table that can be made in a day –but looks so nice you might consider it for indoor duties. Christopher Schwarz details his “Old Plane Birdhouse,” an easy-to-build birdhouse based on a Marples jack plane large enough to look right on a fence or over a door.

You’ve built it, so how do you preserve your new outdoor project from the elements? Finishing expert Bob Flexner tells you what you need to know in “Choosing an Exterior Coating.” David Thiel’s “Garden Swing” is an easy-to-build swing with something extra: its center section pops up to form a built-in table. And Christopher Schwarz combines five 2x4s and a few screws to create a “Japanese Garden Bench” perfect to look over your array of new outdoor projects.

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