Book Giveaway: Handplane Essentials Revised & Expanded

handplane essentials, revised

Thanks for all the great comments – seriously some of the funniest ones I’ve gotten since I started doing these book giveaways. The winner is always chosen at random, but some of you get extra points for effort. Congratulations to mbholden, the winner of this book giveaway. Stay tuned for more exciting book giveaways and if you’re interested in a copy of“Handplane Essentials, Revised & Expanded,” it is currently available at 

If you’re serious about woodworking, you know that you’ll likely continue to refine your craft until you wind up in an exquisitely detailed coffin you built yourself – there’s a lifetime’s worth of learning in this avocation. New tools land on the market. New techniques change the way you approach your work. You learn new tricks by talking to other woodworkers.

And that’s exactly the reason “Handplane Essentials, Revised & Expanded” by Christopher Schwarz exists. With this new edition, Chris has added 14 new articles and product reviews based on his evolving ideas about choosing, sharpening and using handplanes.

And here’s your chance to get your hands on a free copy: I have one copy of the book to give away! Simply post a comment and I’ll choose a lucky winner at random (winner will be announced on Monday 4/10). Good luck!

—Scott Francis

68 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Handplane Essentials Revised & Expanded

  1. M C Smith

    “Really sharp metal (plane and chisel blades) can do AYTHING to wood” is an epifany i had early in my career as a finish carpenter/cabinet maker using my freshly sharpened Hock blade in my Record block plane !!! It forever changed how i viewed working with wood and hand tools versus power tools. Its a mantra i share with all the young guys i have the oppurtunity to teach.
    Making wood shavings is a joy, making sawdust is a bothersome chore !

  2. Tool Editor

    Especially interested in seeing the new additional information.
    The planes haven’t changed–so what else could’ve been discovered?
    Can’t wait to see…

  3. Mike

    What little work I’ve done with hand planes is addicting. Now I just need to work on my sharpening and then tackle some tabletop flattening. Thank you for the opportunity to read Chris’ updated book!

  4. sirgareth

    Thank you for the contest! I’m just getting started with my first handplane and this would be a great help.

  5. chrisdow38

    I just ordered a Stanley #4 handplane yesterday as I’ve been watching a lot of Paul Sellers videos and this book would come in extremely handy!

  6. emlamb55

    Chris’ book, The Anarchist’s Tool Chest, got me committed to hand tools and I have built a collection of Stanley Type 11 planes. Would enjoy seeing how Chris has evolved in his thinking.

  7. Pcrawley70

    I inherited my grandfather’s handplanes, he was a hell of a woodworker. I would love to be able to start to follow in his footsteps.

  8. ddevore

    I always welcome the chance to increase my skills and since I am new to hand planes I look forward to reading this book.

  9. DaveS2

    Instead of scraping by, ’tis plane I should plow ahead, shouldering fellow chiselers (who don’t know jack) aside before they block my try to smooth into this match before I go bevel up.

  10. JesAri415

    I love Schwarz’s stuff, actually keeps you interested in what your reading and you can actually learn a few things along the way.

  11. woodworkjay

    I have no books on hand planes, but a few inherited hand planes. This would help bridge the gap towards their usefulness. Fingers crossed.

  12. Mac

    I have just received an old Stanley plane as a gift. “Handplane Essentials Revised & Expanded” would be a great reference to begin bringing it back to life.

  13. jeffreyi

    I would love to read this. Learned a lot from the first edition, thiis update should be good.

  14. Cardscraper

    Built a bench after reading his revised Workbench Design Book, and I love it. Love to tune a plane the same way.

  15. stodd734

    Just beginning my hand tool journey. This ones definitely on my list as I’ve yet to manage a proper setup on my plane.

  16. Just_Iain

    Having just read the copy I bought several years ago, I’m intrigued to see what has changed and been added.

  17. bclarkca

    The problem with getting a copy of this book is that it would likely lead me to buying more planes. I already went down the rabbit hole of building a workbench after reading one of Chris’s books.

  18. taztec1000

    I have never used a hand plane, I’m an electric kind of guy in the shop. Hand planes kind of scare me. I always think I’ll mess up my project if I use one. However I’ve often thought of learning how to get unplugged.

  19. iampapabear

    Count me in. Still trying to get the hang of good plane set up and work. Need the help!

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