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‘Arrowhead Joint’ Box

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arrowhead joint

Eric Brown’s “arrowhead joint” box

Eric Brown, a Dayton-area tool collector and woodworker, has been conducting further investigating and experimentation into curious corner joinery (read his “log cabin dovetail” piece by clicking on the link). Yesterday, he stopped by while I was minding the Lost Art Press shop to show me his latest: what he’s calling the “Arrowhead Joint.” The procedure is similar to the log cabin tails linked above, but he added a new angle – 45° to be exact.

This box – which is destined to be a tool cabinet drawer and thus made to fit the opening – is 7″ high x 10″ wide x 14″ deep, with a 1/2″ maple plywood bottom pegged into the sides with walnut dowels. The 3/4″ thick x 1-3/4″-wide boards are walnut on the ends, maple on the sides.

Here’s what Eric sent me about it:

Two of the corners were cut at a 45° angle after the joints were assemble to produce the arrowhead design. The joints were all cut on a band saw with a new Highland Woodworking wood slicer blade using a Incra 1000HD miter gage. A jig was mounted to the miter gage that allowed adjustable tilt. For this box, the angles used were 60° on the miter and 34° on the tilt. A shooting board fixture was made to ensure all the boards were the same width.  It was glued with Tite-Bond III.

Pretty cool.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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