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Yes, yes. It might seem self-serving for me to recommend a subscription to Popular Woodworking Magazine as a holiday gift, but I firmly believe that what we publish is worth reading. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t work here.

Here’s our mission statement:
We inspire furniture makers of all skill levels with a broad range of historical and contemporary tools, techniques, topics and projects that touch on all facets of the craft, from a variety of enthusiastic voices. You’ll never know what to expect – other than great woodworking – as you open the pages to discover a vast array of interesting and exciting approaches that inspire you to keep learning and trying new things.

I think we achieve that. I also think we sometimes make you laugh (Roy Underhill and Christopher Schwarz articles come to mind)…but that’s weird to put in a mission statement for a woodworking magazine.

You can get a combo digital and print subscription here (or print or digital only), and a gift subscription here. Seven issues for less than the price of a couple bottles of wood glue (and less than one if you buy the large bottle of liquid hide glue).

— Megan Fitzpatrick

P.S. We also have a video subscription site, where you get streaming access to every video we publish.

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