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Well-made high-carbon scissors are a joy to use and are indispensable in my shop for cutting paper patterns to shape, trimming veneer and 100 other tasks.

For years I used junky office scissors but finally got my hands on a pair of traditional hot-forged dress makers shears from Clauss. Despite their reasonable cost (less than $20), they are like wielding a custom tool. They are perfectly balanced, polished and properly ground. Oh, and they are made in Italy.

The Clauss are designed for a lifetime of use and can be easily disassembled for regrinding or repair. And the steel is fantastic. I have used these every day in the shop for more than three years and they are as sharp as they day I bought them.

You can buy Clauss shears from a variety of suppliers, including Amazon. This model is the 3318 and is the 8″ version, also available here.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  • polaski

    When it came time to clean out my parents house, I found that I was preceded by my older sister, who plundered everything she thought would be of value. In my mother’s dresser drawer, however, I found a pair of her own mother’s shears (regular and pinking). Solid as the day they were made almost a century ago. You see, my grandmother worked the family tailor shop all her life. LaCross, Italy.

    My sister conceivably didn’t even know what they were, but I did. Stupid is as stupid does.

    By the way, Paul Sellers once blogged on sharpening his mother’s scissors in his youth.

  • William

    I also have a number of Ginghers, who, incidentally, offer a sharpening service for their scissors. One thing they mention on the sharpening page is that scissors designed for fabric shouldn’t be used for paper.

  • willarda

    Another excellent brand of scissors is Gingher. My mom was a seamstress and knew scissors like the back of her hand. My brother and I were required to be proficient in sewing before we could leave home! I used to do a lot of quilting and these are excellent for fabric. Then at a tool meet a lady was selling Ginghers dirt cheap and I bought 4 pairs, gave one pair to DeeDee and I use the rest around the shop and office.

  • blefty

    I wonder if they make left-handed shears.


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