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3D Carving the BARN Workbench Vises

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A workbench designed for hand tool woodworkers but made (partially) with a CNC. Each bench features a unique 3D carved leg vise. Here’s a video introduction into how they were made.

The BARN workbench was designed for the Bainbridge Island Artisan Resource Network. BARN is a Seattle area community group that built a wonderful community facility for artisans to share resources, education, and workspace. To give them a hand, I designed a new workbench. Having to build a total of nine benches on a budget presents some interesting challenges. One that I added for myself was to make each workbench unique. So, in Rhino3D I designed and then used a CNC to 3D carve a vise chop for each bench. In this video introduction, I’ll show you how I did it.

In future posts, I’ll get into more details of the different vise designs.

Much more to come as we build the benches.

— Tim Celeski

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  • RFbilliards

    I really like the designs you came up with. I have been wanting a CNC for awhile now and this makes me want one a little more. Excellent work!!

  • Airdale

    I need your help. While trying to view the video about 3D carving, the advertisements for Allstate insurance on your website keeping popping up and running it’s ad with audio repeatedly while the 3D carving video is running. Thanks for your help.

    • Tim Celeski

      I’m not sure why the ad pops up but I suspect that you may have another tab open on your browser that’s running an ad from another site. The video on the Popular Woodworking post is a link to a YouTube video. You might try a direct link to the video by copying pasting this link into your browser’s address bar: https://youtu.be/wMJj5e-k3GI

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