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Table Saw Basics – I Can Do That

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Hey! In our last episode of I Can Do That, we introduced the table saw. This time, we’re covering three table saw basics that will take your woodworking to the next level.

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We start by angling the blade. By angling the blade, you’ll be able to make bevels and chamfers that add a lot of dimension to your projects – I show you how to avoid issues in making this cut.

Next, we cover the basics of using a dado stack. For cabinets and shelves, the ability to make a dado quickly and safely is a huge advantage. Your projects will be stronger and more stable because of this type of joinery. I use a 6″ Freud dado set available from Woodcraft.

Finally, we dive into how to make a tenon for mortise and tenon joinery. Many would consider mortise and tenon to be the ultimate wood joint. They are incredibly strong and not nearly as complicated as you think! I show you how to make a tenon with just a few cuts. Andrew Zoellner will demonstrate how to make the mortise that I used in this episode in his router episode next time!

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