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Turn a Votive Candle Holder

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On this week’s show, Tim Yoder shows you how to make an attractive votive candle holder out of Brazilian bloodwood. Like all our Tim Yoder episodes, this video will be available free for 8 weeks. After 8 weeks, we will make the episode available for purchase.

With its rich, dark-red color and tight grain, bloodwood is a good choice for a project like this, which is sure to earn a prominent place in any home. But it’s also a difficult wood to turn. It’s so dense it can dull a high-speed steel tool in just two or three passes. And if you don’t approach it in just the right way you could end up with nasty tear-out or tool marks that will be hard to remove.

Thankfully, Tim will show you exactly how to solve those problems. Hint: Think light cuts, carbide-tipped scrapers and industrial-grade sandpaper.

Along the way, he’ll show you how to lay out and shape the holder to create compound curves and coves that give the project a sophisticated look.

Once you’ve mastered Tim’s techniques you’ll find this is a fairly simple project to make but it’s one that will really impress everyone who sees it.

Kevin Ireland

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