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Episode 2 – Purpleheart Doorstops

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This week on Woodturning with Tim Yoder, you get to share in the excitement as Tim welcomes a new lathe to his shop! As he sets up the machine, Tim discusses what to look for when you’re in the market for a heavy-duty lathe and how to position it in your shop for optimum turning. Then, Tim gets to the project itself – two decorative doorstops from a small block of purpleheart.

You’ll learn Tim’s techniques for laying out the block to end up with perfectly symmetrical doorstops. Then you’ll see how he positions and holds each tool and rocks his body to make accurate, flowing cuts as he turns beads and other distinctive details.

Finally, Tim shares his secret for sharpening a swept-back gouge so you end up with a razor-sharp tool with a minimum amount of grinding. (Hint: a black Magic Marker is involved.)

It’s all free and online for 8 weeks in our second episode of Woodturning with Tim Yoder. After 8 weeks, we will make this video available for purchase.

Kevin Ireland

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