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We think about joinery a lot around here.

CORRECTION: joinery is ALL we think about around here. Woodworking = joinery. They are one and the same!

Does that mean you have to be a professional woodworker to understand wood joinery? Nope! That’s the beauty of it. Joinery techniques range from simple to complex. Whatever level you are at, you’ll find it endlessly satisfying.

Before getting into more advanced joinery topics like half-blind dovetail joinery and Japanese joinery, simply get into a woodshop and build a nice, easy project that utilizes classic joinery techniques. With our FREE download on wood joinery, including a Shaker side table plan, you can do exactly that!

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Here are the specifics that you can learn with this free wood joinery download:

free wood joinery tips and techniques

1. Cut a simplified mortise and tenon joint that has been tailored for table-building. The mortise and tenon joint can be complicated, but in this case we have simplified it so that you can cut it with minimal tools and effort. The best part is that we have not sacrificed stability or strength to accomplish this!

joinery techniques

2. Learn all the terms related to the mortise and tenon joint, so that you can explore this type of joinery more in the future. When you know the language, the sky’s the limit!

advanced joinery techniques

3. Cut a simplified dovetail joint. We take you from mortise and tenon to dovetail joinery so quickly and seamlessly, you may not even notice the difference! These two joints are very similar. Trust us, you’ll be able to cut a basic dovetail joint and assemble your table.

wooden joinery tips and project

4. Build a drawer. Wood joinery is not all in the external structure of a piece. It’s also on the inside! Building drawers is a great skill to learn. It’s something you’ll continue to use throughout your woodworking/joinery adventures.

wood joinery how-to

Conclusion: Joinery definition.
Joinery is woodworking and woodworking is joinery. It’s not hard, so get started today!

Get started today!

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