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Martial Arts Candle Holder

File this simple project under quick things to do with a couple of offcuts. A martial artist friend of mine asked for a candle holder for the sword class she teaches at Cincinnati Taekwondo [...]

Whittled Peg Rack

Whittled Peg Rack It's just you, your knife, and the wood. By Tim Johnson Have you ever had one of those days (or weeks) when everything went wrong and you wondered why you decided to take up [...]

Wooden Spring Tongs

Wooden Spring Tongs ??A great all-around kitchen utensil. By David Radtke Here’s a great kitchen utensil you’re sure to find indispensable. These wooden tongs feature a unique spring [...]

Swedish Wall Shelf

Swedish Wall Shelf By Dave Munkittrick Here’s a charming shelf that’s small enough to fit on any wall and can be built in an afternoon. It makes a great gift and it’s easy to [...]

Magic Coin Bank

Magic Coin Bank Kids love secrets—and so do adults! This small bank with its sneaky false drawer is a kick to make. You won’t need any fancy mechanism to make the drawer; just a few [...]

AW Extra – Scrap Wood Cutting Boards

Scrap Wood Cutting Boards Turn trash into treasure. By Yoav Liberman I love hard cheeses and hard-crust breads. My cheese-making skills are limited and my baking talent is admired only in our [...]

Weekend Kitchen Projects

Weekend Kitchen Projects Here are three ways to improve storage space in any kitchen. You can whip through each project in an afternoon, using only a tablesaw and a plunge router. Countertop [...]

AW Extra – Free-Form Wall Shelves

Free-Form Wall Shelves Edited by Dave Munkittrick Here’s a versatile shelf that allows for a creative, one-of-a-kind edge treatment. Hung on the wall without any visible means of support, [...]

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