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VIDEO – Puzzle Boxes – Your First Box

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Ever have one of those moments, when you’re either starting a project or in the middle of one, when you wish you had an expert with you to show you how to do a layout or make a critical cut? If a photo is worth a thousand words, a video has to be worth thousands of words. Once you’ve been shown how to do something, your first words are usually, “Oh, that’s how you do it!”

The projects in the “Puzzle Boxes” book by Jeff Vollmer are not as “puzzling” as they appear at first glance. But, the little details about how to cut dovetail keys or work with a knothole is easier to show in live action than just a photo; and is certainly easier than trying to explain it using just words.

The above video clip is from the DVD that’s included with “Puzzle Boxes.” In this clip, Jeff cuts a ‘joiner’ and two shoulder pieces, then he briefly reviews all the parts that have been cut and shows how they are put together to make the completed puzzle box.

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