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Culled from the Popular Woodworking Editor’s Blog and our extensive collection of how-to woodworking videos, below you’ll find a collection of clips of woodworking classes and excerpts from our Shop Class Collection.

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Turner, or Woodworker? Both!

I’ve been a woodworker for over 30 years. I’ve built commercial and residential furniture and cabinetry. But I’m not a turner. Turners are different folk, and I mean that in a good way. Turners are able to create (and that is the correct word) a finished project in a day. Often...

Learn to Sharpen Chisels the Japanese Way

Another video on sharpening? Ugh! No, wait…this one’s kinda different. In fact, this video isn’t about the cutting edge of the chisel. What?! It’s true. “Chisel Sharpening with Harrelson Stanley” is about the ergonomics of the body and its relationship to the chisel. Japanese tool and sharpening expert Harrelson Stanley discusses...

‘Chisel Basics’ Video with Christopher Schwarz

I’m not a hand tool guy. There, I’ve said it. If I can find a way to use a power tool, I will. That said, I, like most woodworkers, do use hand tools on a regular basis. My experience has been that most woodworkers who have an aversion to hand tools...