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VIDEO – Sand Flee Drum Sander at IWF 2008 (Sponsored)

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In this sponsored video from IWF 2008, Take a tour of RJR Studios’ revolutionary Sand Flee drum sander. Its Velcro drum allows you to use multiple grits at the same time, and the mop attachment provides endless application. Also, see how the micro adjuster makes sure you never burn your cherry again.

A New Revolution for Your Sanding Solution

Sanding and Finishing are essential components of any successful woodworking project. With the new SAND-FLEE® Portable Drum Sander you can improve the finish of your woodworking

projects and reduce the need for tedious hand sanding. The SAND-FLEE® produces a fine, glass-smooth finish without sniping or burning.

An 18” wide precision CNC-milled aluminum/steel drum is wrapped with Velcro®. With the convenience of Velcro®, changing sandpaper is user friendly. The flexibility of the Velcro® also allows use for up to three different grits of paper across the drum at the same time so that smaller projects can achieve a fine finish without changing set-up.

The SAND-FLEE® can be used for sanding wood, composite materials and even metal. The sander is designed for finished surface sanding for all types of projects such as raised panel doors, glue-ups, crafts, the most delicate fretwork, marquetry, puzzles, toys and more.

The SAND-FLEE® can accommodate a sanding width from the smallest of pieces up to 36” with no height limitations. Attachments available for the SAND-FLEE® also extend the woodworker’s options to address all of their profile sanding needs.

The versatility of the SAND-FLEE® even extends to its use as a finishing jointer. Quality equipment creates quality products. From the reliable 1/3hp Baldor motor to the precision sanding drum, you’ll find attention in this American made machine that translates into a tangible improvement in your woodworking projects. Today the SAND-FLEE® can be found in many professional shops and job sites, utilized in a myriad of different applications.

The SAND-FLEE®, with its extended shaft can now be used to sand the most intricate crevices of intarsia. Then switch the accessory and buff and polish. It is truly a one-station sanding system. Optional 1/2” Keyless Chucks accept a variety of sanding drums as well as a selection of sanding mops including a versatile collection of Mini-Mops. All come in a variety of grits.

Abrasives for the SAND-FLEE® are available in 3” x 5, 10 or 25 meter rolls. Grits available are 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, 320 & 400.

The Finishing Sanding Mops are a particularly useful item in a variety of non-flat profile applications such as architectural moldings, carvings, shutters and even for automotive parts. Finishing Mops come in grits of 60, 80, 100, 120, 150,180, 220, 320 and 400.

Woodcarvers, hobbyists and metalworkers find the Mini Mops extremely useful in the sanding and polishing of fine detail. They’ll clean up intarsia parts without the risk of losing the profile. Refills come packed separately in 120, 220 or 320 grit.

And the 24” extruded aluminum fence is an essential feature, allowing controlled sanding of vertical panels and other hard-to-control work pieces.

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