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  • Archer Yates

    My comment is that there is an intangible quality (at least to me) that makes a plane work much better so I go back to it time and time again.It depends on your expectations.
    I am a woodworker that also make the Krenov stye planes. I had classes from David Fink, author of the book,”Mastering the wooden plane”. He learned from James Krenov. I ask David, do you ever make a plane that every thing is right, but it just doesn’t preform like you expect. He said yes, they are in a box on the top shelf. As I remember, Krenov had said the same thing.
    Some times I get lucky, other times they end up in a box on the top shelf.
    Also, I think the angle of the secondary bevel makes a difference.
    PS: David Fink has a web site that offers a 2-CD disk set of 4 hours of instructions on building a wooden plane.

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