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Well-Equipped Shop – Veritas Small Scraping Plane

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Small Scraping Plane


Veritas Small Scraping Plane

Sometimes a wood grain’s direction is so unruly that planing just gets you in trouble–tearout is inevitable. Faced with this situation, the hand tool to pick up is a scraper. A card scraper is fine for small areas, but to avoid ripples or hollows, you're better off using a scraper plane. Here's a small one from Veritas that's a pleasure to use.


About the size of a block plane, and stoutly made, this one-handed tool has a unique feature borrowed from the Stanley #80 scraper–a set screw that bows the blade. Bowing the blade allows you to easily make a fine depth- of-cut-adjustment and prevents the corners of the blade from digging in and leaving ridges. The 2" wide blade also extends the full width of the tool's body, like a rabbet plane, so you can scrape up to a corner.


As with many other Veritas tools, this is not merely an updated version of an old design. It's new and different, and very well engineered. This unique plane would be a fine addition to a serious user's set of hand tools.


Source: Lee Valley, www.leevalley.com, (800) 871-8158, Veritas Small Scraper Plane, #05P29.50, $119.


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