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Tool: DWV012 10 Gal wet/dry vac

Manufacturer: DeWalt

Price: $470

Wouldn’t it be swell to have a vac that could both clean your shop and suck dust from portable power tools? That’s the idea behind the  DWV012 10 gal. wet/dry vac from DeWalt: It can pick up chunks of debris, piles of sawdust, and, with the convenience of a tool-actuated switch, hook up to your sander, router or biscuit joiner.

Most vacs are good at one job or the other, but not both. General-purpose vacs are terrific for shop clean-up, but don’t have a tool-actuated switch, which turns on the machine automatically when you start sanding or routing. Other vacs with tool-actuated switches often lack the power to pick up heavier debris, such as nails, screws and small offcuts.

The DWV012 is outfitted with two HEPA filters. An automatic filter-cleaning system operates every 30 seconds, alternately back-flushing air into one of the filters. This helps maintain suction by keeping the filters clean as the tank fills up. Emptying the vac is much easier if you use DeWalt’s plastic liners or paper bags, available as accessories.

Other features on the vac include a variable-suction dial, large rear wheels, lockable casters, a telescoping handle and a 14′ hose. To avoid tripping a breaker, the tool-actuated switch shouldn’t be hooked up with power tools drawing more than 3 amps.

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