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Tool Test – Triton MOF001KC Router

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From August 2006 Popular Woodworking

In a world of mid-sized routers offering both a fixed and plunge base, the Triton MOF001KC is a competitively priced, dedicated plunge with lots of features. It’s a scaled down version of the 3 1/4  hp TRC001 plunge router, and offers all of the same features.

The MOF001KC has three plunge modes: free plunge, handle winder and micro adjust. The free plunge is just as it sounds and is selected by fully depressing the orange “plunge mode” button in the center of the right handle. The lever lock now controls the position of the plunge. To use the router with a more controlled plunge action, release the plunge mode button and pull the winder clutch ring (positioned on the inside of the right handle) toward the handle and then rotate the handle to move the motor up or down. Micro adjust is possible when in the winder mode by turning the micro-winder knob at the top of the router. The plunge options take a little getting used to, but once familiar, I found them handy.

 The MOF001KC is also designed for use in a router table. When in place, the micro adjust is accessed through the back with the included winder handle. When changing bits (in or out of a table) the collet is easily reached by fully extending the collet through the base. When fully extended, a collet lock engages so only a single wrench is required. Another feature for table use is the ability to easily remove the return spring, making in-table height adjustments easier.

The Triton router is outfitted with efficient at-the-base dust collection and a below-the-base dust shroud. The variable-speed motor is equipped with soft start and a power switch door that remains in the open position when the router is on. Both are good safety features. The router also comes with 1/4″ and 1/2″ collets, a seven-piece template guide kit, fence and circle cutter.

I found the MOF001KC router a bit loud  (91 decibels), but it performed well. It’s slightly larger than some of the competition, but overall felt good during use. The many features are an advantage, but may seem overwhelming until you become familiar with them.

 David Thiel

More information on this router from Triton

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