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Tool Test – Ridgid R2930 Router

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From June 2006 Popular Woodworking

A Bright Addition to the Category

This is the first true router to bear the Ridgid name. A trim router was introduced about one year ago, but this is the one we’ve been waiting for. And for a first router this dual-base model, well …¦ shines! First off, this router performs well. The 12-amp motor with electronic feedback provides plenty of power. I tested edge profiles and  3/4″- x 1/2″-deep groove cuts in a single pass in white oak with no problems. The motor’s soft start provides a pleasant and safe experience, and the noise level isn’t unpleasant, either.

Both bases have clear baseplates that provide a good view of the work. Even better, a pair of L.E.D. lights mounted to the motor wash the work area in illumination.  Though the motor has a collet lock, Ridgid also included two wrenches. I appreciate this little extra as I find uses for both methods during different routing operations. The plunge base was smooth during use, but I thought the plunge lock flipped too far to the center of the router, making it a reach for my hands to grab while I was  holding on to the handles. I appreciated the addition of a dust-collection-attachment accessory for the plunge base, but with shorter bits the hole in the accessory was too small to allow the collet to reach far enough to make the cut. The depth adjustment was decent, but nothing special. I’d still like to see a micro adjust that works on one of these two-base plunge router kits.

The fixed base comes with a useful centering cone. The base is set up for use in a router table and includes a through-the-base adjustment mechanism. One upgrade might be to have indicator marks on the wrench and the base to gauge the changes in bit height in a router table. This feature is offered when using the router freehand. The quick bypass on the depth adjustment is nice, allowing fast adjustments with or without the fine-adjust mechanism in play.

The Ridgid R2930 is a good addition to the dual-base router category. It’s priced competitively and with the added bonus of work lights, it stands apart from the crowd. 
David Thiel

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