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Tool Test – Quick Stop LP Drill Press Table

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From June 2006 Popular Woodworking

Dead-on accuracy from a drill press table isn’t necessary for woodworkers. But it sure is nice to be able to hold your work securely, and have a fence that guides the work with convenient stops for repeated cuts. Drill-press manufacturers haven’t bothered to provide such an animal with their machines, so it’s up to us to add it after the fact.

Aftermarket drill press tables either go too far or not far enough. The Quick-Stop LP from Woodpeckers is just about right. Priced at $129 (which is a little higher than we’d prefer, but acceptable) you get a good-sized table with four T-track inserts (two with scales). The tracks support the included two hold-downs (nice, convenient and solid) and a just-right fence.

The fence is a good length for woodworking needs and isn’t so tall that it interferes with the drill press chuck or handles. While the fence provides the necessary height for most drill press activities, there are applications where a taller fence would be advantageous, such as mortising. In those instances an auxilliary fence can be added. The fence is easily adjusted to the left or right with quick-release cam locks and from front to back with knurled knobs. But my favorite features are the two 1″-wide flip stops  , there when you need them, and out of the way easily when you don’t.

Every woodworking drill press should come from the manufacturer complete with a table like this. But until that happens, it’s nice to know that the Woodpeckers Quick-Stop table is there for us.   

David Thiel

More information on the drill press table from Woodpeckers

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  • glenn bradley

    I purchased this table for the Delta 17-950. It is a near perfect fit for this DP. The only thing I did to the table was to install threaded inserts into the bottom for a more secure attachment to the factory table. This sort of thing would have to be by the consumer as there is no ‘universal’ bolt pattern that Woodpecker could hope to supply.

    I also mounted the table just forward and to right of center. This makes the insert get hit off-center. This means when one area gets used, you just rotate the insert 90 degrees and forge ahead. It also allowed me to make an insert with four different size cutouts for sanding drums all on one insert.

    With the table in this position the forward tilt misses the laser head and the left / right tilt clear the head post. On sale it cost just a bit more than the parts to build one and I love the phenolic laminate.

    The 1/2" MDF insert sits just a bit proud of the table surface. This obviously will not do and I was about to route the recess just a wee-bit deeper when . . . Eureka! 1/2" BB ply fits perfectly, no modification.

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