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Tool Test: Philadelphia Furniture Workshop Moxon Vise

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by Megan Fitzpatrick
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From the April 2012 issue, #196

While Moxon-style twin-screw vises seem to be breeding like rabbits these days (see our November 2011 issue, #193 and our December 2010 issue, #187), this version, developed by Alan Turner and Mario Rodriguez at Philadelphia Furniture Workshop (and available through Tools for Working Wood) has some interesting features.

Perhaps most useful (for those who prefer to build furniture rather than shop fixtures) is that for just $30 more than the cost of the Benchcrafted twin-screw vise hardware alone, this vise arrives ready to use.

The screw handles on this version are also worth noting; they’re adjustable. After you’ve tightened the front jaw,  the handles are easily moved out of your way.

One significant difference between this vise, the Benchcrafted version and the one we featured in the December 2010 issue, is the thickness of the movable front jaw (though of course if you make your own, you can make it any thickness you wish). Turner says this thinner front jaw allows you to get closer to your work for better control, and, because it’s cambered along its length, it grips the work tightly with less effort than a flat chop (and less risk of marring your work).

One last difference is the shelf behind the fixed rear jaw, which allows tails-first dovetailers to clamp the tail board in position when transferring the layout to the pin board. (Price: $169.95)

Web site: Tools for Working Wood
Video: See this Moxon vise in action

From the April 2012 issue #196.
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