iVac Pro Automated Dust-control System Review

Tool Test: iVac Pro Automated Dust-control System

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iVac ProBy Steve Shanesy
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Laziness can reduce the efficiency of your dust-collection system, whether you use a shop vacuum or a centralized collector. Sometimes just walking around the machine to switch on your collector doesn’t seem worth it.

Install an iVac Pro automated system and there’s no excuse. You can opt for a remote control push-button system that clips to your belt, or use a stationary controller that connects to your machines and turns the collector on and off automatically.

With the remote control, your dust collector is plugged into an iVac Pro switch device. The remote control communicates via radio frequency (RF) with the switching unit to turn the collector on or off. And the device delays switching off the dust collector for a few seconds to clear the dust from the ductwork.

With the stationary unit, your machine is plugged into it. When the machine is switched this device senses current and communicates via RF to the dust collector to switch it on and off with your machine. And you can change it from auto to manual mode.

Up to eight machines can be hooked up to one switch unit. The tool units are available in either 15-amp or 20-amp versions for 115-volt (V) or 240V equipment. Similar systems are also available for use with higher-voltage machines and dust collectors, including 3-phase power. When the magazine recently moved and we built our new shop, we equipped the space with iVac Pro equipment. It not only satisfied us (and our lungs), but the local building, electrical and fire inspectors, too.

Web site: www.ivacswitch.com
Watch a video about iVac.

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