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Tool Test: Infinity Tools Thick-kerf, Flat-top Table Saw Blades

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by Steve Shanesy
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When we think table saw blades, our experience limits our thinking to rip, crosscut or combination, and 1⁄8″ kerf or thin kerf. Then there’s the number of teeth and type of grind: flat top, alternate-tooth bevel (ATB) or triple-chip. Each of these has its purpose and, if sharp, performs a dedicated task well.

Now, Infinity Cutting Tools offers a new table saw blade that cuts joints cleanly with just one setup.

These 8″ blades come with 24 teeth in kerf widths of 5⁄32″ and 1⁄4″. They feature a flat-top tooth grind and a side grind to optimize tooth geometry for side clearance. This tooth configuration and grind makes clean, flat-bottomed cuts either with or across the grain in hardwoods, plywood, laminates and veneered panels. No more “bat ears” left by ATB blades or dado sets.

These blades are also perfect for cutting box joints, rabbets, dados and grooves at the table saw – no need to clean up the bottoms after. And if you are partial to using your table saw to cut tenons, these blades are ideal for cutting a joint with a shoulder equal to or more narrow than the blade kerf. All that’s required for each shoulder is a single pass with the stock on end, supported with a jig riding the saw fence.

In addition to single blades, Infinity offers sets of blades and shims to space two blades apart for making various-width cuts or even make two box-joint cuts in one pass.

These specialty blades provide a solid solution for numerous table saw operations, and provide superior results while saving time.

Video: See an easy way to cut tenons using the table saw. (Coming soon.)
Web site: Infinity Blade

From the June 2012 issue #197.
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