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From April 2007 Popular Woodworking

Benchtop router tables have been around long enough that all the bugs should be worked out of them. This new one from Bosch has all the features you could want in an easy-to-assemble compact package. The cabinet helps reduce noise and control dust, and includes a safety-switch controlled electrical outlet that provides a place to plug in your shop vacuum as well as your router.

The fence is taller than most, and has easy-to-adjust MDF faceplates as well as a slotted track to mount the two included featherboards and a clear plastic safety guard. Shims are also provided to allow for offsetting the outfeed fence. The router mounting plate is cast aluminum with plastic inserts, and the laminated tabletop includes a second track extrusion.  The plate can be leveled to the table from above, and all the adjustments for the fence use knobs, allowing toolless setup.

The only complaints I had were minor; it’s hard to see and reach the outlet when plugging in the router and vacuum, and the dust-collection port behind the fence is so close to the knobs for the guard that the hose must be removed to adjust the guard. The plusses far outweigh the minuses. This router table is well-made, convenient and easy to use.

, Bob Lang

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