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Tool Test: Infinity Shrinks the Dado Stack

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01pwm1308tooltest‘Dadonator Jr.’ is small in size but big on performance.

By Steve Shanesy
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Regardless of what you may think, size doesn’t matter – at least not when you’re talking dado stacks. Infinity Cutting Tools’ 8″ “Dadonator” was highly touted when it was released in 2008. Today, Infinity offers the “Dadonator Jr.” It’s the same tool only smaller in diameter (6″) and price.

Does a 2″ reduction in diameter affect work in the shop? No. You seldom use the maximum depth-cutting capacity that’s possible with an 8″ dado stack; the 11⁄4″ capacity of the Dadonator Jr. will satisfy most of what you ask of this table saw accessory.

The 6″ stack has 24 carbide teeth on the outside cutters, and each chipper has six carbide teeth (two more teeth than what’s found on the chippers of competing stacks).
After putting Infinity’s new stack to work, I found it performs as well as its big brother. Junior’s cuts are flat-bottomed and smooth, and there’s no tear-out or splintering of surface wood when cutting with or across the grain.

The Dadonator Jr. set includes four 1⁄8″ chippers, one 1⁄16″ chipper and one 3⁄32″ chipper, which is handy for cutting dados in plywood. With Junior, you can cut dados in widths from 1⁄4″ to 29⁄32″. Also included in the set are shims that allow you to fine-tune any setup.

Article: Read the full review of the 8″ Dadonator from our October 2004 issue – Coming Soon.

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