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DEROS Random-orbit Sander

 In April 2015 #217, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index, Tool Reviews

1504-SanderMirka’s compact electric sander performs like an air-powered tool. 

by Megan Fitzpatrick
page 12

I avoid sanding as much as possible – but sometimes it has to be done. Since early 2010, when we got a Mirka CEROS (Compact Electrical Random Orbital Sander) in for pre-release testing, that’s been my go-to tool for this dreaded task.

What I’ve never liked about the CEROS, however, is that it plugs into an external power pack that then plugs into the wall. Yes, the sander outperforms other electric sanders (it looks, feels and performs like an air-powered unit), but coupled with the power pack for which you have to allow room, it’s far more cumbersome to move around, there are several connections to check, and it takes more space to store. And it’s a bit inconvenient to pack up and transport.

Mirka’s new 5″ DEROS (Direct Electric Random Orbit Sander), though…I’m wholly impressed. This 4,000-10,000 rpm variable-speed tool replicates all that’s praiseworthy about the CEROS, but it plugs directly into a typical household wall outlet. No more external power pack. Plus, the power cord is integrated into the 18′ dust-collection hose (a 30′ hose is also available), so it never gets in the way.

At just 2.3 pounds on our postal scale, the DEROS weighs less than the Ridgid R2601 electric random-orbit sander (ROS) I bought for use at home (3.4 pounds).


From the April 2015 issue, #217

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