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I’ve been building a stacked-lamination piece with plenty of concave and convex curves that require a good deal of sanding. Arbortech’s new Contour Random Sander has helped.

Out of the bag, the sander includes everything you need – a metal stem containing two independently rotating shafts that produce the “random” action, a flexible rubber backing pad and 35 adhesive-backed sanding discs ranging from #80 to #600 grit.

The tool fits any standard 4″ or 41⁄2″ angle grinder. Setup requires only a few minutes and the learning curve is pretty fast. And, unlike some other sanding attachments I’ve used, this one leaves no burn marks or edge gouges. The 50mm backing pad easily navigated around the tightest curves and the sanding discs held up for a considerable amount of time.

My heavy-duty angle grinder did result in a bit of fatigue after several hours of use, so if you own a lighter-weight grinder, I recommend it for this particular attachment. As with most sanding tools, you’ll need to be diligent with dust collection, not only for health reasons but for keeping a clear view of your progress as you sand.

I was able to easily remove then reapply used sanding discs to go back to previous grits. However, I also found that it’s important to carefully remove any used sanding pads to avoid damaging the softer rubber backing pad.

I think this grinder attachment is best-suited for the serious hobbyist rather than for industrial or professional use. But for anyone looking to build the occasional woodworking project with a shaped or sculpted form, the Contour Random Sander is worth the money and fills a gap where tedious and time-consuming hand-sanding typically applies.

— Andy Brownell


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