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Tool: Lock Miter Master

Manufacturer: Infinity Tools

Price: $29.90

The lock miter is a strong, beautifully simple joint. Using just one router bit, both halves of the joint are cut using the same setting; one vertically and one horizontally. But have you ever tried setting one up? In order to work, it has to be dead-on perfect, which takes a lot of trial and error. The new Lock Miter Master from Infinity makes the setup quick and easy.

The Lock Miter Master is an ingenious jig. All you need is an accurate centerline on your stock. The anodized aluminum tab has magnets embedded flush with its surface, so it sticks to your cutter and stays in position for setup.

With the jig positioned on the cutter, set the bit’s height by lining up your stock’s centerline with the jig’s horizontal mark. Then, set the distance to the fence by lining up the stock’s centerline with the jig’s vertical mark. That’s all there is to it. My very first attempt produced a perfect joint.

The jig’s smaller marks are for use on stock that’s not the same thickness or for off-setting the joint. The Lock Miter Master comes in two sizes; one for bits cutting 3/8″ – 3/4″ stock, and one for bits cutting 5/8″ – 1-1/8″ stock. According to the manufacturer, they haven’t found a lock miter bit yet on which it doesn’t work!

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    I bought the smaller size “Lock Miter Master” from Infinity for my box making. The first joint I set up with the gauge was perfect and I’d never attempted to make a locking miter before! Worked perfectly on my router table.

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