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Senco FinishPro 23LXP Headless Pinner

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Senco-150x150by Chuck Bender
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Fasteners that use 23-gauge pins have been around for quite some time. What stands out with all 23-gauge pinners is the almost non-existent hole left behind. Senco’s new FinishPro 23LXP headless pinner is a highly refined piece of work. Driving 23-gauge pins up to 2″ in length makes this one versatile fastener.

The 23LXP is the culmination of Senco’s evolution of its pin-style fasteners. Senco has been making changes to its pinners for some time now, and this latest version is the best yet.

If you compare the company’s previous model, the FinishPro 11, to this new one, you’ll instantly see some of the modifications, but other changes are less apparent.

Out of the box, you’ll notice the head of the 23LXP is slimmer and more streamlined. With this change, you’re able to get the tool into tighter places than you can the FinishPro 11.

The 23LXP drives pins as short as 1⁄2″, and still manages to drive 2″-long pins – earlier models had a minimum pin length that began at 1″.

A not-so-obvious feature is weight. The 23LXP is lighter by a few ounces, which causes less fatigue when using the pinner over long periods of time.

Another fatigue-fighting change is the handle. The earlier Senco fastener – as with many competitors’ tools – has a straight handle. The 23LXP has an angled handle to make the tool more comfortable to use, and it reduces wrist and arm strain.

Senco also increased the pressure range from a maximum of 90 pounds per square inch (psi) on the previous model to 120 psi on the new fastener. The FinishPro 23LXP has plenty of power to drive the longest pins in the hardest woods. And the pin hole remains nearly invisible.

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Street price: from $210
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From April 2014 issue, #210


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