Your Guide to Drill Bits – Free PDF Download

Your Guide to Drill Bits – Free PDF Download

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This one-page basic guide will get you up to speed on drill bits and drilling. Includes:

  • Visual guide to basic types of drill bits
  • Eight common drilling problems and solutions
  • Chart of suggested speeds for different bit styles, sizes and types of wood

Download the PDF here:
Your Guide to Drill Bits

– Tom Nunlist


For more on drills, check out “Drills and Drill Presses” at

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  • Fred West

    Tom, thank you for the PDF. The speeds within hardwood and softwood for the brad point and the forstner bits makes this a worthwhile page. Carl, I have always used twist bits in end grain but have never compared it to a brad point. Thank you for this information and now I have to go check it out. :o) Fred

  • Carl Stammerjohn

    I would agree that a brad point is, in general, a better choice for woodworking. But when cutting end grain, a twist bit is a much better choice. It may be a little harder to start, but the cutting action is much more efficient.

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