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Tool: Rip & Crosscut Tenon Saws

Manufacturer: Veritas

Price: $139

Cutting tenons on large workpieces often requires bringing the tool to the work, instead of the other way around. It’s not something one encounters every day, but when you do, you’d be happy to have these Veritas Large Tenon Saws on your bench.

The Veritas tenon saws come in both rip and crosscut versions. This is because when you cut tenons, cutting the cheeks is a rip cut, and cutting the shoulders is a crosscut. These saws are well balanced and have comfortable wooden handles. They’re Western saws, so they cut on the push stroke.

Both saws have 16″ blades and will cut just about 4″ deep. So why not just use regular hand saws? In short, these tenon saws are easier to control, more precise, and leave a smoother finish than typical rip and crosscut saws used in carpentry. The rip saw has nine tpi (teeth per inch), and the crosscut saw has twelve. That’s more tpi than their typical carpentry counterparts, resulting in smoother cuts and better control.

Also, the Veritas saws have a spine to stiffen the blade – like a back saw. This makes it possible to have a very thin blade. It’s only .024″ thick, and the teeth are set only .003″ per side. For reference, .003″ is the thickness of a sheet of paper.

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