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Bosch has just announced the introduction of a revolutionary new blade for jigsaws. Designated the “T 308B Xtra Clean for Wood,” this blade promises , and delivers , better cuts than we have ever seen from a jigsaw. A couple months ago we received some samples for testing in our shop, and late yesterday we got the green light to be the first to announce this new blade.

Until using this blade, I always regarded a jigsaw cut as a preliminary one , a cut that would need some extra work to remove saw marks, straighten a wobbly cut, or fix some tear-out on the top or bottom of the work. But thanks to the unique tooth geometry on this blade, I now think of the jigsaw as extremely capable for making finish cuts. I used the blade when making the Craftsman Bookcase for our August issue, and I’ve been using it to cut the large dovetails for the workbench that I’m currently building.

Here is a close-up of one of the joints, immediately after cutting. The light reflecting on the just-cut part of the joint indicates how smooth the surface is. If you look at the blade, you can clearly see that the teeth on the lower portion of the blade are a different shape from those at the top. Bosch refers to the top teeth as “pointed teeth” and the lower ones as “scalpel teeth.” This arrangement allows the blade to cut both on the up and down strokes, leaving a clean cut on both faces.

The cut edge is also exceptionally clean and smooth, and I found that the blade cut with far less resistance than most blades, allowing for a greater amount of control during cutting. At the moment we do not have a specific date for when these will be available for sale, or the price. When I have an answer, I’ll let you know. The 12 tpi blade will be available soon from Bosch distributors.

We shot some video yesterday, and you can view it by clicking on the player below.

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  • CharLes Reitan

    Thanks for the info. I have rather big job coming up and will be using my jigsaw quit a bit. I wasn’t sure what blades to use to get a really clean cut, now I do. Keep up the good work…

    Charles Reitan
    Vicksburg, Ms

  • Rob [Bosch rep]


    These blades are not currently available, but will offered to Bosch outlets in early July. So, you should start seeing them shortly.


  • Edward Wine

    I can not locate any vendor for the t308b. where can they be purchased?

  • Bob Lang

    Bosch has always made excellent jig saw blades. The 101AO was my weapon of choice for intricate curves, and the 101BR was my favorite for making cuts in finished surfaces in the field.

    These new blades have taken the Progressor concept one step further, and really are unique.

    Bob Lang

  • Joe Lyddon

    I’m surprised that they are called NEW blades!

    I’ve been using their Progressive blades for wood for a long time… the best blades I have ever used for a jig saw too… with the Bosch 1590EVSK 6.4 Amp Top Handle Jigsaw.

    I got the blades from Amazon:
    Bosch T234X Progressor Wood Blade (5-Pack) $8.33
    Bosch 101AO 3-Inch 20-Tooth Jig Saw Blades, 5-Pack $7.79

    The cuts are as smooth as GLASS even on plywood!

    A real pleasure to use!

    These NEW blades must be even BETTER!


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