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Milwaukee ‘10IN1’ Ratchet Multi-bit Driver

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03pwm1013tooltestBy Robert W. Lang
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Screwdrivers are more of a necessary evil in the shop than a tool about which to get excited. In today’s world you need to be prepared for a multitude of head styles. Standard, Phillips, square-drive (known as “Robertson” north of Lake Erie), Torx and Allen heads all might appear at any time. If you want to be prepared for all sizes and variations you could easily have a dozen tools.

The new “10IN1” tool from Milwaukee is a good alternative to a drawer full of drivers, and at a good price. The handle has a soft over-molded grip for comfort, and the reversing lever is close at hand without much chance of switching it accidentally. Within the handle is space to store six bits for different situations – a nice solution if you climb a ladder thinking Phillips and find square-drive when you get to the top.

The chrome-plated, rust-resistant bits are held firmly, but slide out of the handle with a slight push from the front end. At the other end of the tool, the bits are held by a magnetic holder. (Standard ball-detent end bits also fit.) The 3-1⁄2″-long bits fit in narrow spaces where a magnetic bit holder in a cordless drill won’t.

There are a number of configurations of this tool with various combinations of bits. There is also a non-ratcheting version that costs less, and allows bits to be pushed completely through the carrier for easy removal – the bit in hand pushes the bit you want out the front of the handle as it fills the vacated slot.

If you want to get rid of that drawer full of odd screwdrivers and replace them with one tool (or maybe two) for all those tasks, the Milwaukee 10IN1 (48-22-2301) will do that for you.

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Web Site: Visit the Milwaukee web site.

From the October 2013 issue, #206
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