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Tool: Eye Muffs

Manufacturer: Eye Muffs

MSRP: $49.95

I know safety isn’t a topic that evokes that “must read” feeling in most of us, but when something new and innovative comes along, you might just want to stop and take a look. That’s exactly what Eye Muffs are – new and innovative.

When I work in the shop, my safety glasses and ear protection seldom remain tied together. The minute I take them off, they grow legs and run their separate ways. As a result, I often end up running equipment wearing one or the other, but seldom both. Eye Muffs solve that problem.

Over extended periods of time, I also find it uncomfortable to wear both ear protection and safety glasses simultaneously. Eye Muffs combine the two into an extremely comfortable piece of safety equipment. Incorporating safety glasses into the headband of the muffs is a stroke of genius. The glasses are large and provide plenty of coverage. If you wear prescription glasses, Eye Muffs should easily fit over them without affecting comfort.

One of the things I dislike about most safety glasses is that they often have a “fish-bowl” effect where things at the periphery tend to appear curved, and that gives me a headache. This is not a problem with Eye Muffs.

If I have a complaint about Eye Muffs, it is that when I remove them and place them on a flat surface. I tend to put them back on upside down – colorful marking on the top of the muffs would help instantly identify the top from the bottom.

Having worn the Eye Muffs in the shop on a regular basis, I’m struck by how comfortable they are. With personal safety equipment this comfortable, it’s easy to forget you have them on – so there’s no excuse for working unprotected. 

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